April 12th, 2011

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sunny and warm

i'm feeling better today. i was sick all day yesterday. i told doc i wan't feeling well, he didn't believe me. told me that i never feel well. everything is a soft punch to the gut with him.

last night as i was carrying felix to bed, i fell on the computer table, and then down. felix launched off me for safety. he's all right. got away boo boo free. i got scratched up a bit and have a couple of bruises in weird places. i have no idea why i fell, if i tripped over something, if i turned wrong, no clue. but i've been falling a lot less lately. it's been more than a month since i blacked out or fell down. the whole thing was weird and very traumatic (for a moment) for felix. it took a little bit until he let me pick him up again and go into bed. this morning he woke me up at 8:30 with the meowing in my face bit. he decides what time i get up. usually. this morning i told him to shut up and rolled over. he left me alone for another half an hour. his devotion is strange.

i asked doc if i could get dental implants and he told me to find a place and price it out. happy happy joi joi! i never wear my appliance and i'm tired of talking funny. i have to price it out, i know i can get a full set of upper teeth for a thousand dollars. or i can do them individually for a third of that each. since i have four to replace, i might just go for the full upper. i also need to see if our insurance covers it at all. if it did, that would be dreamy. this has been a dream of mine ever since i got the teeth removed. i'm tired of looking like a tweaker.