March 28th, 2011

frances farmer

highs in the 70s

the rain and the wind of the weekend are gone and it's bright and dry and sunny out. is down. i didn't renew it in time. i still have time, but the network solutions site won't cooperate with me. so i'm stressed about that.

my laptop is breaking. the hinge on the lid is broken, i have to keep the laptop open wide. it was never good for getting me out of the house because the battery only lasts five minutes. but i've come to rely on it. i've been taking really good care of it, i just got it used and abused. it was only a matter of time before it broke. this makes me sad.

things are back to a good normal here. quite a bit of weight off my shoulders. i can't stand it when doc is cross with me.

i'm slowly falling apart and looking forward to it. i could use some crazy time, i just have to hide it from doc.