March 25th, 2011

2013, cyd, new

back up in the 70s with chances of rain

all is peaceful. between doc and i, i mean. we had an intimate moment last night, but it didn't last very long. he said he got freaked out. i asked him this morning if i did anything wrong last night and he said no. so i'll take him at his word.

the people downstairs got a new subwoofer and today seems to be another test day of it. it sounds like they strapped it to the ceiling. i wish i could recognize the songs. some of them have some funky bass lines.

felix is back to his old self, sleeping with me in the morning and being all about my lap during the day. i missed him while i was taking care of chloe. he was obviously jealous of all the time i spent with her, especially with her on my lap. it took him a couple of weeks to get over it, but he's all mine again.