February 22nd, 2011

2013, cyd, new

what a great morning

hung out with M for a while. hung out with doc for a very brief while. although he woke me up at five thirty with a list of things i'd done wrong: left the bathroom door open with chloe in there with her kennel, and i didn't put the soft food back down for the other cats. good morning. i went back to sleep, had a dream about some house that i keep dreaming about and always have adventures in and woke up at nine in a great mood.

felix almost got a bird the other night. there was one flapping around on the porch, which we did not know when doc opened the door and felix shot out and pounced on it. it flew up to the railing on the stairs and he followed it, swiping at it manically until it flew off into a nearby tree. he followed it to the tree but thankfully didn't go up it. i hate pigeons. felix apparently shares my antipathy. that bird won't be back on our porch any time soon. doc took him out to see the birds this morning, there were fifteen of the winged demons on our eaves, felix was frantic to get up there. when they came in felix ran from doc as usual, but then came back and fuzzled doc's hand, likely in thanks for the trip out to see the birds.

i've been trying to write a poem for weeks. i have the beginning of one in my head, that's been rattling around but i don't know if i'll be able to pick up the flow once i start. i should just start it and get it over with. maybe today. it's early and i don't have anything to do but clean the kitchen.