February 16th, 2011

frances farmer


two things happened last night. i forgot to take my sleeper meds and chloe kept me up all night meowing on the bed next to me. i finally got up at five and came out into the living room with her and let her out of her kennel. doc came home at five thirty and i took my meds and gave him chloe duty and went to bed. i slept six hours without chloe there to sing to me. now her kennel is on the couch with me and she's serenading me again with her angry meows. she wants out of the kennel so she can eat the dry food we put out for the other cats. meanwhile she is neglecting to eat the medicated food we give her, and she has to eat that so she'll get even better. very frustrating.

i feel all out of sorts with the doubling up of the anti psychotic meds and i'm still sleepy from my sleeper med. it's going to be a day.
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more mild weather, high winds

feeling a bit better now. the sleeper has worn off. i've had a glass of orange juice and until a moment ago, chloe had shut up.

the water to the apartment complex has been shut off until nine tonight. doc will not be happy at this news when he wakes up. but there's nothing i can do besides listen to him rant over it. that's me, the sounding board.

there, chloe just calmed down again and is quiet. i hate that she has to stay in the kennel until she eats, she works herself into such a lather that she can't eat. in fact she just threw up the water she's been drinking. this is too much stress on her. when she wakes up i'll take up the dry food and put her food in its place. then i just have to keep jack out of it and make sure she eats it. i can't bear to hear her cry much more. as much as she bothered me last night while i tried to sleep, i worry about it today.