February 15th, 2011

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wherein i have a cold

doc has had one for a week or so, i blame him.

i'm very interested in what is going on in iran. i watched the revolution happen in egypt as it was internationally televised. and now i wonder if there is going to be a massacre in iran. the government is coming down really hard on the opposition. so i'm watching cnn instead of the xfiles.

my current favorite show, Being Human is produced in the UK and going into it's fourth season. BBCamerica plays them. the franchise was purchased by syfy and is currently running in it's own version on syfy now. they are in their first season. and now, BBCamerica is playing reruns of their Being Human and they started off not at the beginning, but at the same point in the story that syfy's version is currently on. very confusing.

yes, i know, i watch too much tv.