February 12th, 2011

2013, cyd, new

mid 70s for the weekend

i got my new glasses, hooray! they fit my head and the lens doesn't pop out when you look at it funny. plus i can see more clearly. such a relief to have them.

i fell asleep after i got up and took my meds this morning so doc made me coffee, for the second day in a row. it was nice to have someone make me coffee for a change.

leeloo bit me yesterday right in a tendon in my hand. it's all swollen and filled with pus now. yum. i cleaned it out. it just hurts. it's on my left hand and i'm left handed. she doesn't like grooming time. i was holding the front of her, she lashed out and i got tagged. glad she's a cat and not a snake. of course if she was a snake we wouldn't need to groom her. at least we don't bathe them in the winter months. that is one activity i can do without. we only bathe them to reduce their dander for doc's allergies.

chloe is getting better and better. she's up and out of her kennel all day and evening. i only lock her up at night when doc isn't home to watch her all night. she stays in the living room and kitchen, doesn't hide and is eating healthily. now if she would just fatten up a little bit. it'll come, as she continues to recover.