February 7th, 2011

2013, cyd, new

new meds day three

got some vivid and strange dreams. no sign of the headaches or nausea warned about. pretty happy about that. loss of appetite is in full effect. which is good, since i've been eating like a pig. and doc got a pound of roast beef from the deli, so i have to keep eating, i just need to eat less.

chloe is spending much more time out of her kennel. she's curled up on doc's chair right now. she's started begging for smoked turkey, so we got some for her. she and felix love it. anything that she will eat. she's eating more dry food, but still eating her medicated food. we're looking for some kind of weight gain. so like i said, anything she will eat. she finished off her antibiotics and we are both relieved about that. i don't have to be the pill villain anymore. i hated that role.

i feel very much in limbo. stuck between the two anti psychotics, waiting for one to leave my system as another takes over. i'm confused (it took me a half an hour to empty the dishwasher yesterday), and definitely more lethargic than usual. i'm in a sort of a daze. kind of a dissociation. my doctor told me to call him in two weeks if i was having problems. so that gives me a time line on when i should start feeling better. so long as it quiets the voices in my head. they quieted down for a few days, but once i changed over medications, they came back with a vengeance. the hallucinations aren't so bad. they're mostly corner of the eye images. i can ignore those pretty well. the negative symptoms are stronger as well, the lack of interest in taking care of myself, the lack of interest in anything and the flat affect. all pretty much me for now. i so hope this med works.