February 6th, 2011

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i'm having problems adjusting to my new med. it makes me tired. and confused, disoriented. my doctor told me to give it two weeks. doc is waiting for approval for his FMLA paperwork so he can stay home with me if i need it. which tonight, i did. but there was nothing he could do. he gave me a bunch of chores to do to keep me busy. simple, busywork. i'm relieved, i couldn't have come up with a list on my own today. i've been gritting my teeth and rocking back and forth all day. xanax has barely calmed me down. admittedly, i might have had too much coffee today.

i'm not watching the superbowl. i'm watching a top gear marathon on bbc america. i've seen all of them before, but i don't care, there's always something i missed or forgot about. so it's new to me.