February 1st, 2011

girl cats

it's chilly but i can't complain, there's no snow here!

chloe is having a great day. she's been wandering around, going to the litter box on her own and eating dry food. i actually had to stop her eating the dry food so she'll eat her medicated food. she's very alert, very vocal and very affectionate. i'm very happy today because of it. she's finally showing strong signs of getting better.

i woke up at 7 this morning and said the hell with that and went back to sleep until 8:30. i got up just as doc was going out for a ride and he brought me home a bacon western cheeseburger. there was a fire going in the fireplace and the cats were milling around. it was a nice, peaceful morning. doc and i watched Enterprise on syfy for a couple of hours. i can't remember what we talked about. we just chatted about things. it's been nice, no more yelling, no more scrutiny or running commentary on how what i am doing is wrong. i've felt less depressed and psychotic, too. i just wonder if he's just bottling it up and it's all going to explode in my face one day. if it does, i can always leave. i want to be with him, but not if he's going to give me nothing but shit all the time. now that he's not doing that any more, i want things to work out between us in the worst way. i love him.