January 28th, 2011


showers monday, possibly

we're going to get our new glasses today! not a moment too soon. the lens just fell out of mine again and i'm fed up with them. of course this depends on doc getting up at 2. but i think he's more anxious for his glasses than he lets on. it's been 8 years since we got new glasses. i was relieved to find out i likely won't need bifocals for a few years. i wasn't anxious for those. i have to move small print around before i can focus on it, but i can focus on it and read it still.

chloe had a good night last night. she was up and out and eating and generally being her spoiled princess self. so the sub cue fluids really helped. god, i can't even type that without getting a twinge in my stomach. she wants to be out today but i'm playing a computer game doc set up for me and trying to get some more sleep. and it stresses me out when she's out and i'm alone, take an eye off of her for a second and she's gone somewhere. last night she ran into M's room after he had gone to sleep. all i could do was wait for her to come out and grab her. she actually ran from me. she also washed her face and legs last night, grooming is a good sign. she had lost all interest in that. it was just as doc and i were getting really sad that she hadn't eaten all day and just been curled up asleep when she perked up last night.

felix and jack are curled up on the bed with doc. that's their favorite daytime sleeping place now. felix sleeps over near the wall, as if waiting for me to come back and jack lays on my side of the bed with his head on my pillow. they both get up when doc does, rarely before. it's so cute to see the three of them curled up asleep.