January 20th, 2011

girl cats

partly cloudy and chilly

chloe is better today than she was when we took her to the vet, but not as good as yesterday. she's probably feeling just better enough to be pissed about being incarcerated.

i got up at 10:30 this morning and doc wasn't here. turns out he helped someone move this morning after work. he called me while he was in visiting chloe. i had called his number to see if he answered and not left a voicemail. when he called he said, "so you noticed i wasn't there". he didn't think i'd be awake yet. and i wouldn't be except when i woke up at ten i wanted to hang out with him, thinking he was home. i was more than a little worried. watching the news for scenes from a grisly scooter accident. i go straight to morbid when i worry.

now i can relax. *sighofrelief*