January 17th, 2011

hidey chloe


doc's main cat is sick. she's losing weight and peeing indiscriminately and not eating and it's the same symptoms henry had when he got sick and died. and it doesn't help that she's 14. doc is losing his mind, much as i was when henry got sick. so i have chloe in a small kennel so she doesn't go hide and get worse on me, and i have the kennel up on the chair next to the couch, where i am. i'm debating whether to force feed her. i guess i'll wait and see if doc calls on his break in the next 45 minutes and if he does, ask him if i should try. we didn't go over that before he left, we also didn't go over how i'm paying the vet tomorrow when M takes me up there with her. i'm so worried about her. when i go to bed, i'll take the kennel with me and put it next to me on the bed so if she starts to meow to go to the bathroom, it will wake me up and i can help her out. she's asleep now. M and i had a visiting session with her and pet her and talked to her so she knows she's not in trouble. to be honest, she has very little interest in leaving the kennel. i open the door and she just stays curled up and gives me a little chirp. she's really scaring me.