January 16th, 2011

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it was 70 here yesterday

out of the blue (or maybe my prayer candle is working), doc called a truce last night. from what he said, the things i told him about how i was feeling did not fall on deaf ears. we'll see if it lasts for any amount of time. i'll certainly enjoy it for however long it does.
2013, cyd, new

comfortable this sunday

NCIS was on all day and is on until 11. then news. then whatever crap is on for 30 minutes and then to bed. i've found that going to bed at midnight on sunday's makes anxiety lower. that way i have a goal, but if i want to stay up later, i can. then i can get up early tomorrow for no apparent reason except to hang out with the civil doc for a while. he was cool tonight. even though he left late, he was cheerful at me and told me to have a good night. and that was even after i gave him a grocery list.

i took a xanax shortly after he got up, so i'm nice and mellow now. and time is passing quickly. it's going to be a good sunday night. all i have left to do on my list is fold the laundry and it is still drying. i already vacuumed the ceiling in my room and all the xmas lights on the ceiling. very dusty. not anymore.