January 14th, 2011

hot cheese

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you know it's a good day when i forget to take my meds. i've taken them now and had two tacos and an arizona raspberry iced tea. i did a small ritual to bless and help doc and keep his father's health up. it's nice to have a candle burning in the house again. we just haven't wanted to say any prayers, i guess. it's one of those things we used to do together that just fell by the wayside with all the other stuff. this time i did it alone after he went to bed.

doc finally hooked up the DVD player in the bedroom. last night, for the first time in two years, i slept and woke fitfully to the Fifth Element instead of the cartoon network. it was dreamy. last night i also realized that i could sleep comfortably in a semi fetal position. i lay on my side with my bottom leg stretched out and my top leg up with my knee at my chest. it's self cuddly. yes, i self cuddle, what about it? i get lonely. hee.