January 8th, 2011


sunny and mild

that describes the weather and my mood. funny thing how.

saturday tv sucks. i've been watching Ancient Aliens on history channel. i saw an ad for Top Gear tomorrow that doesn't look painful. there were signs of humor.

i talked to kelli last night and there is the slimmest chance she's coming to visit. she's working a bunch of overtime and has vacation days to burn. hopefully she can afford it and get the time off. i'm so excited at the possibility i can barely contain myself. i wish so much that she would move back here. and she wishes i'd move to pittsburgh. if it weren't for the winters, i would consider it. but i can't stand the weather in pittsburgh, the sun's never out and it's humid and it snows and ick.

i think i'm going to go eat a piece of pizza. i don't want to but doc will want to know if i've eaten when he gets up and it's better for me if i can say yes.