January 7th, 2011

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out today

we took the scooter to the eye doctor today. we're getting new glasses! i can't wait.

i stayed up until 2 even though i knew i had to get up at 8. i was tired and bleary eyed. i don't even remember the scooter ride there. it's cold on that thing at speed. but doc wants me to start learning to drive it. finally. i have to find my helmet, though. i couldn't find it this morning where i thought i left it. i have no idea where it could be. but it seems to be leading to me cleaning the bedroom. it has to be done. my room isn't all that messy, so it will be easyish to clean up. it's just full of boxes and clothes.

i got home from the eye doctor and slept all day while doc stayed up most of the day. it's almost 10 now and he still isn't up. i'll go get him up at ten. or wake him up, there really is no getting him up. he gets up when he wants to. his alarm went off at 9 but he turned it off, probably thinking he was awake enough, like i did at seven forty five this morning.

a while ago i went to the corner store and a short drive with M, listening to rap really loud. it was fun. M and i don't hang out enough. that's been changing, though. slowly. i don't want him to just be the guy who lives here, i want him to be a friend, too.