December 7th, 2010

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sunny and beautiful

i got to go for a scooter ride this morning! doc took me to the doctor on the scooter. the ride up was not fun for him, i kept moving without warning him. the way back was better, i sat still.

i got more sleeping pills, since i can take up to three a night and he only gave me enough for one a night. and i keep waking up after vivid dreams and having problems falling back to sleep, so hopefully two at night will work.

my shrink wants me to see a medical doctor about my weight loss and fatigue. and i still have to get my blood tested. i've been putting that off for 6 months. time to find the lab and figure out how to get there.

i'm actually going to learn how to ride the scooter. being out in traffic with doc and seeing how he dealt with it helped me better conceptualize my own trips. and it wasn't as scary as i thought it would be, being on the back. the last thing i was on the back of was a motorcycle and that was a long time ago. it's been even longer since i was on the back of a scooter. and that was in a town with no traffic. i held on to the back rack on the way up and had one hand on the rack and one hand on my leg on the way back. i was totally comfortable with the balance.

so, a painless visit to the doctor. whee-hah.

the dentist on friday is a walking trip. it's right up the street. when i have mastery of the scooter, i'll take it instead. but for now it's how i get my exercise. if i can fit this and one more root canal in this year, i'll be set next year to get implants of at least my front two teeth. if i can only fit the one in, i'll still have enough in my yearly allowance from the insurance company. the yearly cap is twenty five hundred. i should have enough for the implants. there's a place here that does implants for about the same price as a root canal without the crown. if i got my two front teeth back and got rid of this speech impediment, i might go back to spoken word. i miss the live crowds. and it might inspire me to write again regularly.