November 30th, 2010

xmas lights

in your pants

i now have my dental appointment. three days after my pdoc appointment. the week is going to suck, it may as well all suck at once.

doc triggered a panic attack in me yesterday when he got up, and then stayed home with me to make sure i was okay. which i wasn't. until i went to bed. i did cling to him, though. i asked him to sit with me until i went to bed after i took my meds last night. which he did willingly. a half hour chore for him.

i don't know what to do about my sleeping pattern. i'm clearly unhappy with it. i want to stay up later rather than get up earlier. the past two days i've woken up at 11am and stayed in bed until around 1pm cuddling with felix. this is working for me, but it means i have to go to bed at 2. some nights i'm sleepy by then but not most nights. and if i don't take my sleeper med i will just stay up, as thanksgiving taught me. i'm boring myself now . . .

i still haven't put up the tree. i can't find an extension cord for it. if i can't convince doc to buy one, the tree may not go up this year again. i'm pretty bummed about that. it's just a small tree, but it's bright and cheery and i love it. i'll ask again about the cord. i know we have many, but we went through them last night and all are pretty much accounted for. all being used.

well, i've calmed down and woken up. i guess it's time to venture out of the apartment and take out the garbage and get the mail.

remember, Rudolf is on CBS tonight at 8. it's no NCIS, but a classic is a classic. the victoria's secret fashion show is on the same channel at ten. i'm going to watch it because it's been a while since i had a girlfriend and because katy perry is singing.