November 19th, 2010

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after a 6 hour nap, i'm feeling pretty chipper. one thing, i would give up this lingering sick for two days of hardcore symptoms and get it over with.

i finally got my new crown put in my mouth. it's pretty. i had him look at my next root canal, a tooth that only really needs it first because it's giving me pain. there are two others that look worse. but it's a pain thing right now. the one who whines the loudest gets the drill.

. . . i started this some five hours ago, and i don't want to talk about my teeth any more. in fact, i don't want to talk anymore. good night.
2013, cyd, new

dark and chilly

i slept 11 hours today and i can't seem to get awake. i'm waiting on brewing coffee. i can smell it and hear it. i wish it would brew faster.

felix wants to be fed, he's been nagging me since 5:30 and their feeding time is 7. the whole time change threw them off. they want to be fed at sundown. ha. i told them it doesn't work that way in the human world. i tried to explain time and clocks to them. i had just woken up. felix didn't get it and continued to follow me around meowing.

ooh! coffee's done. now that's a relief. a familiar taste that was missing from my late waking. soon i will feel its chemical buzzing through me. and i will be happy. i don't care if i drink the whole pot, i'll make doc another. since i don't know what time he went to bed, i have no idea what time he'll be getting up. so the coffee may be for me anyway. gotta drink it before it burns, heh.