November 14th, 2010

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it must be cold out, the heat is on

overnight lows in the 40s, you'd better believe the heater is on. cold is relative, i know. a few weeks ago it was in the 100s.

doc let me sleep on the couch last night. downside was i woke up as he was going to bed at nine thirty. giving me a total of four hours sleep. i'd go back to sleep, but i'm afraid i'd oversleep doc's wake up time. i still feel sick. daytime cold stuff keeps the aches and fever away. and for some reason, my throat has been spared the brunt of it, which is rare.

i don't feel comfortable sleeping in the same bed as doc anymore. and when i stay up late, like i do on the weekends, chances are we'll end up in bed at the same time. i feel much better on the couch. and on the weekends i can lay here as long as i want and sleep. frankly, i'd sleep all the time if i could. especially on the couch. i can't stretch out on it, it's technically only an over-sized love seat. but it's oh so comfy to curl up on with my blanket and my cat. felix sleeps with me no matter where i sleep, doc says just try to keep felix off of me.

if this weekend has taught me anything, it's that i need to get rid of a lot of my shit. stuff i'm just tired of carrying around with me. the front balcony will be the first to fall. i'm throwing away my broken pink xmas tree and a box full of burnt out tube lights. and a box of glass bottles that i kept for some unknown craft reason, that all needs to go. then i can clean up the balcony and vacuum it and maybe have some room for stuff from the closet so i can get in there and do the same clearing out. i've resigned myself to the fact we're moving in the spring, but i'm not taking all this shit with me. too much that i've carried around for too long that just needs to go. i won't get rid of any of my stuffed animals, but i can pack them away better so they're out of the way.

doc is still on his campaign to get me to cook. night before last i made guacamole and last night i made lamb curry. which, i don't know if doc liked it but i loved it. i would have eaten it, too, had he not gotten me a pizza earlier. i didn't make the curry from any recipe, i just threw it together like i've seen gordon ramsey do. doc made the spice mix. but it was fun to cook something i ended up liking.