November 12th, 2010

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it's in the 40s tonight

ahh, fall is really here.

i've managed to lose all of my zippos. and my two antique lighters. they're all together somewhere. but i'm positively sick over it.

it may be five in the morning but it has been a short day. i slept in and then came out here and fell asleep before doc went to bed at 2pm. i woke up for a couple of hours, fed the cats and cleaned up the kitchen, then went back to sleep until after doc had gotten up at 10. he wants me to go to bed now but i'm wide awake. if i take my meds, they'll put me to sleep. but i don't want to.

now felix wants to be in my lap. so i'll go.
2013, cyd, new

and so i was wrong

yesterday was a long day. intermittent consciousness broken up by long periods of fitful sleep makes for a long, incoherent day. i woke up for real at 2:30 this afternoon convinced it was saturday.

i went for a walk and got smokes and powerade. still pushing fluids and dayquil. i have a monster headache right now that i'm waiting for tylenol to knock out.

i tore my room apart yesterday looking for those lighters. and i didn't put it back together. i have to do that after doc gets up. i also really need to clean the litter box. argh.

that's all i have. i'm still sick and now quite delirious. maybe i'll go do the litterbox and then take a nice hot bath to get rid of these chills. sounds good.