October 9th, 2010

me headphones

80s and fair

oooh, i feel all warm and fuzzy. i'm not sure why, could be the no panic waking up today. could just be me. it's time for warm fuzzy feelings. they've been cold and prickly too long.

i was actually cold last night, well, i did leave the window open, but anyway, i slept on my sides with my knees curled up to my chest. and when i woke up this morning felix was sprawled out on me, trapping me in that position. i slowly wormed my way out of it, so as to disturb him as little as possible, and it worked, i got stretched out and he didn't so much as twitch. so i went back to sleep for an hour. doc was in bed when i first woke up at 9, i didn't realize he was awake. nor did i realize he was awake when i got up at 11:15 until i went to climb over him to get out of bed and he moved his legs to make it easier for me not to hit his sore knee.

we got into a horrible fight last night. it didn't get loud because M was in the kitchen at the time, but tones got nasty and he ended up going to bed, and i did not wake him up. when he got up he asked me to make blueberry pancakes for him and i did. he had me make extras hoping i wouldn't be able to resist, so he has left over pancakes. he later threw a bag of whole grain goldfish to me, well, on me. that clearly meant "eat them", which i did.

that was an exciting evening to me. well, it's the evening i had. we both apologized for the earlier nastiness and it was forgotten. we were found laughing and joking together later in the evening. everything turned out well. he started playing on the computer, without a companion i soon got bored and went to bed at 2:15am and stayed up until about 15 minutes later. i remember doc taking my glasses off and losing my lens (it pops out for no reason, it actually won't pop all the way back in), and telling me to go to bed and turning around on the bed until i was in my space, then sitting up and changing the channel. he asked if i knew what i was watching, i don't remember what i answered.

then around dawn he came in and shut the window, asking felix if i was cold. at least, that's what i remember. that could have been a dream. yep, that was my evening. it's all about the glamor here in vegas.