September 29th, 2010

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so far so good

i feel raw today. but i woke up well. didn't even look at the clock for the first time until ten. staying up until 3 worked. and i stayed up for 23 hours straight, with the help of coffee and a diet pill. i also ate yesterday, even after the fainting. well, especially after the fainting, but later on, too. and i ate a banana with my morning routine this morning.

i talked to kelli last night. i miss her so much. we talk about absolutely nothing, but it's more than with any other human besides doc. i wish she wanted to/could find a job here. it sucks. her whole family lives around her and she is a big family girl. me and my puny desert can't compete with that. she also likes seasons, and i can't offer her much there. bummer.

doc was in bed but awake when i got up. he had turned on the venture brothers tape, but in a different place than i usually wake up to. so that didn't upset me like the one episode does. "the giant clam won't quit it!" can't take that for some reason. i guess it's woken me up too many times.

my brain has frozen up so here this missive ends.