September 18th, 2010

2013, cyd, new

the last of the hot days they say

doc woke me up with the venture brothers. i woke up in a bad mood because of it. he just laughed at my grumpiness. which almost made me laugh, too. but i was too mad. first thing in the morning, especially if i don't have proper laying around time, is not the time to fuck around with me. doc had a sneezing fit and went to bed soon after.

"being human" is on BBC america all day. and NCIS is on usa all day. i'd rather watch being human, even though i saw the season they are playing just recently. i can't believe i got sucked into a vampire/werewolf/ghost story. but the vampire isn't sensitive, he's very closed off and wound up. the werewolf cries a lot but he's sensitive and geeky, so it's okay.

i went to bed at three, got up at eleven and i'm still tired. i wonder if i should lay down for a bit. doc got me up at five to go out and chase the cat, felix, who had gotten out and wouldn't come to doc. so totally drugged out, i went looking for felix and found him next door, obviously confused as to the stairs he should go up. so i went up and got him down and brought him home. doc said he got out once more but doc was able to catch him. which is good, the waking up in the middle of the night to get dressed and get the cat is disturbing. i woke up in my tshirt, which i never wear to bed, and was very confused. then i remembered once i got up and doc was bringing the grill in.

speaking of felix, he came around while i was getting my jeans on, but i haven't seen him since. he must be in his hidey spot asleep. i want him out entertaining me, we had a lot of quality lap time together last night. he was very clingy. even meowed angrily at me one time when he came by for lap time and i was sitting forward, leaning on my lap with my elbows. demanding kitty he is. i love every precious moment with him.