September 14th, 2010

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the morning is over and i'm over the morning

i've been up for almost two hours now and i'm starting to not resent being awake. 2 hours until i wake doc up. yay.

tomorrow i have to call maintenance to figure out why we're getting a film on our dishes in our dishwasher. i don't know what they could possibly do about it, but it's a good reason to be stressed out and sneaking ciggys all day. i am so not looking forward to it. i was supposed to do it today, but doc said right before he went to sleep that i could call tomorrow. and so i will. i'm not in the mood today. i'll remember it for tomorrow and be sufficiently wound up for it. another yay.

a new ssi accounting form came in the mail. once a year doc has to report what he's spending my checks on. rent, utilities, groceries and incidentals. about ten minutes of time, a calculator and a pen is all he needs. i'll have him do it this weekend. if it doesn't get done, they stop my checks and that would be a disaster. my check is rent. so anything doc makes goes to groceries, savings, etc.

i'm all talked out. i was going to go to chat for a while, but i have nothing to say. i made a long friend's only post earlier and it took up all my words, i guess.

have a great day!
2013, cyd, new

another post?!?

i keep almost fainting when i stand up. i thought it was low blood sugar, so i had a bowl of mini wheats, but that didn't seem to help. before, when the fainting was happening, i chalked it up to the cymbalta, it's one of the side effects. but i'm not on cymbalta anymore.

doc won't get out of bed. he knows this is stressful for me, but it doesn't matter to him today. in seven minutes i'm going to go drag him out of bed by his short business like hair. oh wait, i hear him coughing, often a preamble to getting up. i will breathe a sigh of relief when he leaves for work today. he stresses me out.