September 11th, 2010

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missing punctuation

i finally got my "girl thing" today. it never came last month and frankly i was worried about it. i was waiting to see what happened this month to bring it up to doc. i'm glad i waited. it's stress he doesn't need. we're safe, but accidents happen. i've lost to the odds in the past. so i'm really looking forward to cramps. hee.

S ended up coming over here last night. but i was watching a silly movie on tv so i was in the bedroom the whole time. the movie was called "a knight's tale" and was very silly but i liked the costuming. i was one of the four movies that always seemed to be playing at the hospital that i had seen bits and pieces of and i really wanted to put the whole thing together. so i did that. hung out with the cats in the bedroom with the window open and the cool air coming in. i almost brought the laptop in but didn't want to hassle with the power cord and network cable. so i just sat in peace and watched my movie. i came out of the room a couple of times and said hi and made small talk. so i wasn't completely antisocial.

i think i woke M up today. i know he didn't come home until after i went to bed at three. and when he got up and came out he didn't return my greeting. i have to figure out how to get the ice out without making noise. he brought sausages home so i know i'll have a small mess to clean up. just washing out the pots and wiping the stove. i don't mind doing it. it gives me something to do in the evening and if i resented it i would just be lazy.