September 10th, 2010

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"the bermuda triangle of traffic"

i started doubling my dose of pristiq instead of waiting for the new scripts to come. oh, they're still in my wallet, i guess i should take them out and put them someplace obvious, or better yet, package them up and send them out. doc needs to check the billing, we got behind on a couple of things that i plan on fixing this weekend.

i think doc is going out tonight to hang out with S. they have similar schedules now so they can hang out more like we all used to. S was over here every week for a couple of years. then we didn't see him for about a year and then he started coming over once every three months or so. now doc tries to hang out with him at least once a month.

now you may be thinking this would be the perfect time for doc to take me on the scooter so we can all hang out together. and i can guarantee that is not going to happen. i will stay here and hang out alone, the way i like it.

i've started this new habit which is incredibly soothing to me. when i take my meds i have about 45 minutes before they start to kick in. so i've been going into my bedroom, stripping down to my skivvies and watching tv laying sideways on the bed so i'm facing the tv, my lower legs up against the wall that's covered with CDs. then i just watch tv until i start to fade, and then i turn off the tv and go to bed. for some reason, this seems to be a much more fantastic way of winding down for bedtime than just sitting up in here like i do all day with my cigarettes and ice water. just me and the bed and the pillow and the tv. i find myself looking forward to that time so much i may start doing it before i take my meds, and just hang out half naked in my room alone and chill.

it's a beautiful day, it's currently 91, one degree less than our high today. cooler than average. the summer was brutal, but i was only out in in a few times or for very short periods of time. but spring was cool and wet. the monsoon season has been a bust, but it looks like it's going to be an early and cool fall. it was cool for my outing the other day, that's all i wanted. the rain was an extra bonus, i missed it but i got to walk on the wet pavement and smell the cool rain on it's heat. it was fabulous.

i'm glad the koran burning isn't going to happen. i wish the whole sordid thing would just go away, it's so stupid. just because you can do it doesn't mean you should. not enough people think about that. god bless the freedoms that we have, but do small minded people have to go pushing it?