September 3rd, 2010

2013, cyd, new

heat warning in effect tomorrow

summer is going out with a 197-112 degree bang. still looks cool for tuesday. receptionist just called to confirm. all is ready but me. i still haven't decided what i'm wearing. probably what i have on, white vneck tshirt and jeans. easy to try on clothes. it should be cool enough to support that wardrobe. mid nineties.

i never did take a nap last evening. i laid down and doc got up at roughly the same time. waited to long, damnit.

now i'm debating making coffee or taking a nap. i could have stayed in bed, i should have. i got up because doc was still up and that set up a panic reaction in me until i got up and he was in the middle of a movie and i realized he doesn't have to work today. he's now asleep on the couch, right there. --> he should get up but i'm not waking him up to go to bed. that's all him. i don't want to cramp his style. we're alone today, if he wants to sleep on the couch instead of the bed, who am i to interrupt him?