August 28th, 2010

i am here

i'm the big bad dog

i'm bored and lonely. doc went to work tonight instead of being off. i didn't plan for it, i didn't know about it until i was going to bed last night. i think that's why i've been kind of off all day. my schedule's thrown off.

today i did not sit on my ass all day. i got up and did chores, stretches and went for a short walk. next, combing out my hair. i don't know how people with curly hair keep it long. i guess i should wash it more often.

the cats are all asleep, not even them to keep me entertained. and i'm sick to death of tv, finally. maybe i'll read for a while. i called a friend who's busy right now, but said he'd call back. i have that to look forward to.

i guess i'll go back to chat now. listen in on conversations. whee-hah.