August 23rd, 2010

i am here

no chance of thunderstorms until thursday

the weather people are making shit up now. they're just looking for something to talk about.

i don't feel so bad today. the throat is back to a swallow only pain. yesterday for a while i felt like i was being choked. i never did nap yesterday. i drank two cups of coffee and two cups of hot green tea. that kept me up and alert through whale wars at 2am. staying up late, i was able to sleep until 11 this morning and get up once doc was asleep and M was gone for the day.

i feel in a panic when i get out of bed, so i don't like anyone around. i like to be able to do what i do to calm down and relax without any interruptions. doc is chatty when he gets home and i just don't like to interact in the morning with M. i don't like to deal with anyone.

now, thanks to the great use and timing of xanax and a bit of chain smoking, i'm feeling much better.