August 18th, 2010

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thunderstorms a no go

i don't know if it was the diet pills that helped lead to my weight loss, but i ordered more last night. if nothing else, they're easier than making a pot of coffee to keep me awake. i didn't take them the entire time i was losing weight. in fact i haven't taken any until yesterday, since a couple of months ago.

doc said i can learn the scooter when he can trust me in traffic. but i need to learn to ride it first around the parking lot. so that won't be much longer. frankly, before i go out on my own, i want to ride with him in traffic and see how he maneuvers and deals with the cars and such. so those two things need to happen before i can start taking the scooter out on my own. looks like i'm taking the damn bus to the pdoc on september seventh. yay.

i did so much stuff around the house monday and tuesday i have nothing to do tonight. i may go to chat. that takes up time and there is nothing on tv tonight.

i want to rip my right arm off and beat myself with it. that's the arm i injured last week and it itches so badly it's driving me nuts. i wish i'd never hurt myself, it was a stupid thing to do for so many reasons, but mostly right now because it itches so fucking bad! do not self injure kids. it's bad. and when it heals, and it will heal, it will itch. it is healing pretty quickly. the bottom half of it is raw and kind of angry looking and the top part totally scabbed over. i know, tmi. deal with it. or don't.

felix has decided he wants to play with leeloo. she, however most emphatically does not want to play with him. so she's sitting next to me with her ears back giving him the stink eye and he is across the room chirping and squeaking at her. now he's on the couch getting closer to her, still chirping at her as she starts to hiss at him. and she leaves. and he chases. this will end in hisses and howls. ahh, love. leeloo is such a cranky old lady.

i wonder how kelli is doing on her vacation. she's away all week. tomorrow is the day i usually call her. i will miss that hour on the phone, but i hope she's relaxing on the beach and playing with her niece and nephews. i wish i was at the beach. one thing i miss about philly is the jersey shore, where doc's parents have a place. i would give anything to go spend a weekend there. ah well, when kelli gets back i can live vicariously through her beach stories.

kids are outside beating on an electrical transformer on the ground with sticks. it makes a much more hollow sound that i would think it would make. why they don't go to the playground is a mystery to me. not that i care either way, it just surprises me they'd choose a flat bit of lawn with a couple of trees on it over the slide and climby things. when i went out for my walk yesterday evening, there were pinecones and twigs and leaves set up on the four corners of the transformer, as if the trees had gotten together and had a tea party. that was pretty cool.
naked back


i found my skinniest skinny jeans and they were loose on me!! i found another pair of jeans i'm wearing now. they're a bit looser so i can sit all curled up in the chair. now i just need to find all the army pants that girlgoyle sent me so long ago. all my dresses and vintage clothes will fit again. i'm hooked up for clothes for the fall and winter now. tomorrow i take apart the balcony and get into a box doc said would have some clothes in it. i can't believe i finally lost the seroquel weight. i'm down to where i was ten years ago when i moved here.

i guess doc telling me on our anniversary that i'd really let myself go gave me a kick in the ass. not the kindest way to go about it, but if it works, hell, happy anniversary. in eight months i've lost over 60 pounds. i'm pretty fucking proud of myself.

not a bad night. not a bad night at all. even without the thunderstorms.