August 14th, 2010

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back to the hotness

monsoon season is going to be a wash out for us. no pun intended. unless storms just appear out of nowhere. there's none in the forecast. no measurable rain since april.

i've been doing good, i count this as a good week. i've been sleeping adequately and keeping myself occupied during the day. i think. i'm still dissociating for much of my waking hours. but it isn't interfering with anything.

i still haven't been on the scooter, or near it when it's on. though doc mentioned me taking it out if i knew how to use it so he's getting used to the idea of me using it. that's all i can ask. once he gets used to being on it and dealing with traffic he'll feel better about me taking it out on the road. though i plan to learn thoroughly here in the parking lot.