August 10th, 2010

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back to hot

i am tired of staying up all night just to sleep until 9am. when i go back to my pdoc i'm asking for a new sleeping med. evening naps seem to help but i don't want to rely on those. now i've just had a pot of coffee so i can stay awake through doc waking up in a couple of hours and leaving for work. then i can curl up on the couch and doze. that's only five hours away. meh.

i've been spending more time in chat again. the environment is just so welcoming and supportive, it's the first place i go when i'm feeling. i've even been talking more. and i don't just go there when i'm upset or sad or anxious, i go in when i'm happy and try to help other people.

i love gordon ramsey. i'm watching kitchen nightmares on bbc america and i just love him to death. he's a great businessman and has loads of charisma.