August 6th, 2010

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the fourth thing wins

doc is on his way now to buy us a scooter. i'm not thinking it will happen. one, i don't think he can get financed even if he pays three fourths of it up front. two, i want it to happen, so i'm not going to envision it, because then it won't happen. and i do want it to happen. i can take the scooter to my doctor's appointments and dentist appointments. doc can take it to work and cut down his commute by quite a lot and save the money on a bus pass. okay, i'm not going to talk about it anymore because then it definitely won't happen.

i need to go out and go get smokes but it's the heat of the day now and i don't want to do it now. i guess i'll wait until sundown. by then it will have cooled down and the hot wind blowing out there may have died down.

doc's got me all sucked into the show Dexter from showtime. he started with season one, i'm starting with season two and one episode in, i'm totally sucked in to it. time for episode two. i love netflix.
2013, cyd, new

oh wow

so we now own a scooter. we'll see if doc can get it and himself home safely. he called, told me he was still learning the thing and did i want anything from taco bell . . .

plus, i called kelli and while on the phone with her, remembered a pair of pants she had given me that she told me were incredibly comfy and summer weight. so while i talked to her i found the pants and tried them on, they had always been too small for me, and the damn things fit. not only that, but they're too big on me! i've lost a lot of weight. damn. my thighs don't rub together when i walk anymore. i noticed that on the way back from the corner store the other day. that is a great feeling, let me tell you. i've finally lost the seroquel weight. or most of it. it hasn't been a delusion, and i am taken aback.

we have a scooter! i want to start learning to drive it immediately. i want to be ready to take it out on sept seventh to my doctor's appointment. i want to break free and not have to deal with the buses and my fear of them and getting off at the wrong stop or getting lost once i'm off the bus and the very idea of freaking out on the bus and having something bad happen.