July 19th, 2010

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the dog days of summer

woof. i ain't going out there. no way. i'll go out to empty the cat box, but that's the extent of it. i will stay in my nice dark, cool apartment today just as i have for the last few days it has been excessively hot. keep the blinds closed. even the cats don't want to go outside, even felix is using the inside box. which he never does.

something personal but great happened the other day, the "great" day. things with doc are starting to look good, up, whatever. i am hopeful. hopeful that things will return to not normal, but good. the norm was us fighting all the time, we don't do that anymore. in fact i feel guilty whenever i snap at him and apologize immediately. he does the same thing. things are looking good, i may be able to save my marriage. for this i am grateful.

my dark mood has lifted. i'm no longer walking through a dark place. from the reactions of doc, i'm actually pleasant to be around. finally, it's about time. all i want to do is keep my freedom and stay out of the hospital. my freedom means more to me than anything.