January 25th, 2010

2013, cyd, new


a friend is going through a breakup.
i actually reconnected with an old friend on facebook.
i'm starting to see the draw of facebook.
another monday that doc made it to work instead of babysitting me.
i don't need taking care of.
well . . . okay maybe a little bit.
i still have to be reminded of some stuff.
i forget to take care of myself.
i forget to eat
i forget to bathe
i forget to wear my appliance in my mouth
these are all reasons doc is sick of me
but we won't dwell on that
the general trip down denial is good with me
and other people are in pain and i hate that.

felix was glued to me all morning, now he's sleeping on my bed
so cute. i take pictures and i'll post them all once i fix the computer