January 14th, 2010

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blah blah something clever

i wrote a long rambling email to L about Jeff. i have so many memories flooding me but i can't seem to make coherent sentences about any of it.

i have nothing on my list today so i have to find myself something to keep me busy. right. i don't feel good, i think i have doc's cold coming on. i want to wrap myself in something warm and laze around. maybe i'll surprise doc and fix the desktop and get that out of the way. i've been talking about it and thinking about it for weeks now. kind of time to do something about it. make the thing useful again, and start backing it up.

i talked to doc's parents the other day and thanked them for the xmas basket of english breakfast goodies. that went well, i think. i've tried getting in touch with my own family. first for the holidays and then to let them know about Jeff, as he was like part of the family for many years. that has been in vain, they are never home or the number isn't working. it's nicer to talk to doc's parents any way.