December 23rd, 2009

xmas lights

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we got a wedge of brie and a sharp cheddar cheeseball for xmas snacking. that's after a breakfast of crumpets, english muffins and preserves. then for dinner, doc is picking up a roast tonight that i will infuse with garlic and make yorkshire pudding to go with it. christmas will be a day of good eats. it turns out that doc doesn't have to work that day, i'm actually relieved. M will be out and it will just be us and the cats.

i'm also glad i didn't put the tree up or any lights. i'd just have to take them down soon and this year i don't see a point. even though i leave it up until almost march. i'm also not in the mood to wage war with a curious 2 year old cat and the tree. felix is just too defiant to have a tree with antique baubles on it.

i hurt my back sleeping on my stomach again. i don't know why i do that. so heating pad and hot bath today with light chores. i have to brush chloe, and then vacuum up the mess. no big deal.

the cats are fighting me for the heating pad. leeloo just gave up the battle and went to eat. that's what they all do best: eat. it's their answer to everything. silly cats. felix is my lap cat and i wake up with him next to me every morning. his cuteness level is astonishing.