December 18th, 2009

no and where

the faster i run . . .

it's gorgeous outside, 60 plus degrees. we have the sliding glass door open to the fresh air. a year ago yesterday it snowed here almost a foot.

i don't think we're doing anything for christmas. i don't have any decorations up and doc is working that day, so it should pass with little fanfare. we got a breakfast basket from wolfermans from doc's parents. so breakfast will be special.

the holiday depression i've been feeling feels lighter today. i have nothing on my list to do today, i'll go searching for stuff today to do. maybe i'll put the tree up and just put lights on it, leave the ornaments (that felix is bound to destroy) off completely. i don't know. my workroom as always needs cleaning, felix (formerly leonard) has been wreaking havoc in there. i also have a computer to fix.

we've started a campaign to get maintenance to fix everything wrong in this place. we plan to move in the spring. but they don't know that, meantime i want everything fixed so we don't get charged for it when we do move out. we've lived here a long time and the wear and tear is showing. and we've been good to this apartment, some things just happened, and make me glad we don't own this place. but the place is far from trashed. i just don't anticipate getting our security deposit back when we leave.

that's about all i have to say. my mind is just going in circles and latching on to Cheers in the background. if my concentration was any good right now i'd be reading. i have the final harry potter book to get through, plus all the books that were on my amazon wishlist that Cuz bought for me this summer and M has a couple of books written by professional wrestlers that i want to read. i just can't keep my mind in the book.