November 12th, 2009

black hat

update ramble

firstly i want to say thank you in a big way to my patron of technology for the goodies that will make my computer work for me. thank you thank you.

my half of the sky is deliciously cloudy but the sun is out in the other half and glaring on the Big Dirt Hill. it makes my cloudy sky seem brown instead of grey. very weird how light reacts to things.

doc took a vacation day tuesday and took me on the bus to my doctor's appointment. we wandered so much and it took so long that we were out for four hours for a ten minute appointment and i retained none of how to get there. maybe he can take the day for my next appointment and we can do it all without the wandering. i know it's a short walk and a bus ride away and there's another bus that i can take to the hill and walk down the hill. i just don't remember where the stops were to go what way and my sense of direction is absolute rubbish. nothing good came of it except a shirt i picked up at goodwill.

i did sleep well that night after all the walking and stress. now i'm just sore.

my goal today is to stay awake all day until doc gets home. my shrink told me when i wake up at odd hours of the morning that i should get out of bed. i guess so i don't associate my bed with laying awake and being miserable. today right after i woke up, leonard came up and lay with me for a while. once he got up, so did i.

speaking of leonard, he's getting chubby, he eats a lot. he also runs around the house chasing or being chased by anyone he can get involved. he still doesn't get along with M's cat, which is why he's officially my cat. plus he sleeps with me and jumps up on my lap and follows me around. he kind of adopted me as his mommy, who am i to argue? all he needs from me is love, since the food magically appears and the litter boxes magically get cleaned. so he thinks.

i think i'll have a banana and some coffee. i want to put off the diet pills as long as possible so they will help me not nap.
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