October 30th, 2009

2013, cyd, new

today is gorgeous

i speak in terms of weather, high 67 degrees, it will likely get a bit warmer in my neighborhood, lighter winds.

but mostly i speak in lack of pain. i still need to eat much more than i am. i did have half a chicken and rice burrito yesterday. i'm in the mood for cereal now. i'll have some when i finish here, we have crispix and that is nice and neutral on my stomach.

i've stayed off the diet pills. i'm pretty sure they had nothing to do with things, but i don't know and until i'm stronger and have my iron stomach back, i'll stay off them. i'm losing weight with this as it is.

now i'm back to debating a nap again, but i don't think i'll take one. M is at the office, i don't know when he'll be home. i did all my chores. i could hunt for the beading projects i'm missing, i may have put them in a logical spot but it was just as i was coming off haldol, so i don't quite remember. if i could just get the beading done, just one project, that would be good. or read that damn harry potter book that M lent me. i loved the movies and i used to love reading, i was reading his chris jericho book yesterday and following that, though he jumps around a lot.

it's time to brush my hair and get my shit together for the day.