October 29th, 2009

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better and better

i may be jinxing it, the witching hour of pain is still coming up, but i wasn't woken by cramps this morning at 7 like the last three days. i do need to have a banana. i ended up sleeping and not eating last night. when doc got home and woke me up around 1 i had mandarin oranges and a piece of bread.

it's still cold outside. it's supposed to warm up this weekend before the chill settles in for the winter. it still isn't all that cold, by comparison to the east coast or the north, but it's enough for me to notice and set up a strange relationship with the heater. mostly at night. since it's gotten cold all day, the heater is easier to deal with, doc was turning it on at night when it cooled down and by morning i'd be sweating and cranky. not so much any more. and i'm looking forward to having the windows open this weekend again. i miss that. we only get weather like that for a few weeks a year.

i slept a long time last night, for my nap. from 7:30ish to 1ish. doc was pissed because he'd been trying to get a hold of me all night on the phone. and M doesn't answer our phone. so doc also worries when he can't get in touch with me.

speaking of doc, his alarm is going off, it's time to make coffee. but not drink any. and eat some cereal. i need cereal, whole grains and a banana. then i can take my meds. i have yet to throw them up or even have stomach upset with them, but i promised doc i would eat first.