October 20th, 2009



another brilliant cloudy day. it's nice and cool out, too, only 71 degrees.

leonard and jack behave as if they were raised together, playing together and sleeping near each other and sharing food. i'm going to miss leonard if he leaves, but not as much as jack. they even get in trouble together, mostly jumping up on the counters, which is strictly prohibited.

nothing much is going on, even the daily details are unremarkable. i start my day slowly waking up, having coffee, taking my meds and sometimes eating. then doc leaves for work and i watch a bit of tv and then work on crossing out my list of chores for the day and doing anything else that seems to need doing. i'm still smoking way too many cigarettes and i really want to quit, get the patch and do it that way. but it's medication month, so all the spare money is spent and the cigarettes already bought.

and that sums it up.
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condensed thoughts

  • 18:43 playing Star Wars Monopoly with doc #
  • 21:53 game night continues, now i'm playing Uno with M #
  • 13:55 gearing up to do my chores, watching bad daytime tv, but is there any other kind of daytime tv? #
  • 14:09 the cats have all disappeared for their afternoon nap, it's so quiet around here in the afternoons. #
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