October 6th, 2009

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resistance is futile

leonard (i'm sick of the other spelling) is using the outside box, and he uses the dog door on his own. congratulations leonard, you are a Buffers cat! a month of worry and stress and thinking it couldn't possibly get better, even a near trip to the shelter, and it finally worked itself out. patience, you all said. it will happen, you all told me. and i lack patience and panicked at each new obstacle. now he's a functioning cat in our household. i hope his owner never comes back.

good stuff:
my twitter account was reinstated, you can find me at cydniey on twitter
i have enough stuff to do to keep me busy today
i worked out what i'm supposed to do at loudtwitter to post my twitters here, i think
chloe finally got off the laptop
much accumulated mail was gotten rid of last night
today will see the end of more
i have a task to do on my walk today
only one more box of beads to go through
no kitty messes to clean up
i got the big tangled knot out of my hair so i'm ready to wash it

we got a new maintenance man, so maybe the hundred issues here will get fixed. we've been here 8 years and rarely called maintenance, so the time is now to fix all the stuff that went wrong at once.

i've been feeling so much better with the new medications. i keep saying that, but i keep feeling better. wanting to take a shower is a big thing to me, not just having to do it to keep clean. and i want to shower and keep clean. i even want to shave my legs, which i never want to do.

there are little things i want to do around the house to declutter it. most of it is quite simple and straightforward, some of it will take a few steps before it can be done. but if i can just get the living room uncluttered, it will make all the difference in my life. the bedroom will still have it's issues, but the room that people see matters more to me. all i do in my bedroom is sleep anymore, i don't hang out in there. the tv is dying. we'll need to find a new tv soon, i wish we hadn't gotten rid of the extra one we had, though we must have had a good reason to do it. once it dies it will free up a lot of room in the bedroom. unless our friend comes through with his promise, which was to store one of his tvs here while he was in between residences. that would be really nice. i'm not really sure how i will get along going to bed without the night light and sound of a familiar movie when i go to bed. doc turns it off when he comes to bed, once i'm asleep.
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condensed thoughts

  • 10:46 my account finally got unsuspended, hooray! #
  • 13:31 @BTRIPP someone got into my account and posted a bad bad URL in early august. #
  • 13:52 @mwsmedia thank you, it's good to be back! #
  • 13:56 i got ten things on my good stuff list for the day. it's going to be a good stuff day. cydniey.livejournal.com #
  • 14:23 when my coffee goes cold i just pretend it's an iced latte that's gone warm but not gotten watered down #
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what happened to "the book"?

i've been thinking about it for a few months, since my manager abandoned me and i didn't let it hit me this time like the last abandonment did. i just took it in stride. i know what i need to do to submit it or self-publish it, i don't need her for that. so life can go on. any emotional attachment takes a backseat to that. having said that, i've decided not to pursue publication in any form. just writing it down was as cathartic as i needed. publishing it just seems stupid. airing dirty laundry. i do enough of that on here. that's enough for me.

i left it having to rewrite the first chapter, but the way it was set up, that was all clinical stuff i needed to do library research on, and it turns out that is less than important to the process. i wish i had done it years ago, and i wish i hadn't forgotten about what it freed me of for months while i was in a haldol haze. now i remember and it eases my mind and my soul.

so that's what's up with the book. i know at least a couple of people were curious, but afraid to ask.