September 27th, 2009

girl cats

cats! and other stuff

today the lynyrd kitty will be introduced to the outside box on the balcony. doc feels he is a jumping risk, but i don't think so anymore. plus, he peed in the bathroom last night on the shower foot towel. poor kitty, he couldn't hold it in any longer and is not going for the inside box with the lid. it's kept a bit cleaner, being cleaned every day, as opposed to every other day for the outside box. and again, being able to go out there will make him happy and help assimilate him with the other cats. tech doesn't spend a lot of time out there, but jack does and lk seems to like jack.

i had an unexplained crying jag yesterday. my emotions are not all killed off by the medication, much closer to the surface. a simple unpleasant exchange with doc will make me cry now, whereas before it would just make me ignore him. this way is better. i'd rather shed a few tears than shut him out.

i have to vacuum while he's out today. cat fur is even starting to bug me. i was stuffy all day yesterday, and i'm not an allergy prone person. i plan to move some furniture out from the wall and clean behind it. it's been too long since i did that. that will cut down on stored fur and dander a lot. plus it will help to generally clean and organize the living room.

there is nothing going on in my life to write about, just cat happenings, really. i don't do much and we all know i don't get out much. so cat stories and tales of housecleaning it is. maybe i should try to communicate online more, just to get some human contact. but aside from the few friends i've had online for years, namely many of you, i really don't trust anyone else to be real. and i hate not real. i've been sucked in by people's online fake personas before and been burned. it sucked. so i sit here, isolating. i miss warped's irc area. the people there were cool.