September 23rd, 2009

doctor prescription

"long live prince john"

tech and lynyrd got into a big fight this morning. there was no clear winner, and i don't think there was any contact, it was just loud posturing and maybe the odd paw swipe. no damage done except to my calm. lynyrd is in his cabinet.

i have a huge amount of vacuuming to do. i guess it isn't much, but the way it's written down on my list, it looks like a huge amount.

i had these awful cramps for the third morning in a row. i have no idea what they are, they are not gas cramps, though i thought they were at first, but not by today. they can't be menstrual because i don't have a period any more. so i don't know what is going on. i finally took a pain pill and they went away.

i have some pasta and shrimp and i think i'm going to eat it. then i'll do the cleaning. then, when M gets home i'll go get my script that doc had filled the other day. expensive as hell. but worth it, it's my anti psychotic and it has made such a difference in things, i'll do anything for it.
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