September 22nd, 2009

art journal rainbow

what'cha doin' maxi?

M's elusive cat is out exploring. lynyrd kitty, aka newcat, was out yesterday playing in my room. he was up on stuff and looking out the window and acting like a normal cat. he's really quite lovable. i hope he starts coming out soon. today i will leave the doors open and let him explore if he wants to. tech naps while M is at work. so lynyrd kitty will have some uninterrupted time to explore. then tech gets up and patrols when M gets home and then goes in to hang out with him in his room, more time for l. kitty to explore. he can stay in my room as long as he starts eating and drinking and using the litter box out here. he's getting closer to it. i'm not nearly as worried about him as i was. now that he's eating, it's just a matter of assimilating him, and that is ultimately up to him.

my therapist told me to get out into the sun and out of the house for a walk every day. i did it saturday. i'm using my bad ankle as an excuse right now. a bad one, indeed, but an excuse. now that we're not allowed to smoke on the premises, my daily outdoor smoke is out. so i may as well walk around the complex. once my ankle is better.