September 20th, 2009

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the cat remains in our bathroom. sigh. it eats and shits and pees and sleeps and shows no interest in coming out. since when it does, tech is there. they have to learn to get along or give each other space, but the cat needs to leave our bathroom. i guess there's no real rush, it just feels like forever and you know the kitty litter is getting everywhere. i sweep it up and keep the box clean, but the litter on the floor is still pervasive. as much as i like going barefoot, i don't like to step on stuff.

i'm waiting for doc to get home from the store. it feels like he's been gone forever. i was meant to sleep while he was gone, but i couldn't get to sleep. so i'm up fretting. i could go in and bug M for a while. that would pass the time. maybe i'll do that.