September 18th, 2009

girl cats

progress, finally

so . . . newcat has had his home opened to the world. we have the bathroom door open, so other cats can go in and see what is going on and newcat can come out, should he desire. and desire he does. he ate on his own last night and has been grooming himself and drinking water and using the litter box to pee in. unfortunately, pee is all he's putting out right now, but i feel confident that that will change. he's coming out and exploring the bedroom. i am so much more hopeful than i was earlier this week. the only hurdle we have to overcome is tech, the alpha cat.

newcat still has the top of the fridge to hide out on. which he is doing now. his previous owner told us the cat would spend all day on top of the fridge. as long as he knows he has somewhere to go to be safe. but i can't keep him prisoner in the bathroom anymore. the bathroom is too small and the cat is bored. i don't want boredom to turn to depression. he seems to be out of the woods and i think he should be free to roam and interact with the other cats.
hidey chloe

i knew it!

i've been looking different in the mirror lately and my underthings are loose, which i attributed to shrinking. but then my camo shorts fell off, or tried to, as i was walking the other day and i thought briefly to myself, maybe i am losing weight. i even posted about it yesterday or some damn time (that just came back to me, hate my memory). then today i put on my camo pants and could get the top button done for the first time in over three years. maybe it isn't just the regular eating but the change in medication. it may well be worth the money we're going to have to pay for it.

also, my anti psychotic, the new one, has me less droopy and stupid. which i love. it's so nice not to be in a haze all of the time. i had no idea what the haldol was doing to me. maybe because i was in the hospital when i adjusted to it. and this time, no matter how painful it all was, i'm glad i stayed home for the medication changeover. and i still have to give the new anti depressant time to start working. i'm so glad that tomorrow is saturday.

see, i feel better when doc is around, even when we are having a disagreement. i love the weekends, because even in his own head space, i love having him around me. i am so in love with him, it still surprises me. so we are upon the weekend. and i have my therapy appointment to break up the day. when i get home i will stay up for a couple of hours and watch the latest DVD with M. then lay down for a nap.

the cat is doing fine, he hasn't spent a lot of time on the floor, but that's his thing. i showed him the main food and water bowls. and he still has a setup in the bathroom.

the day is going well. fine even.
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